By Keri-Ann Stanton

I want to talk about letting go.

Letting go of big plans in 2021.

My 2020, as you know, was a wild non-stop 14 months of huge projects rolling into each other that was an insane answer to the KAMuses offering: availability, delivery & me, hands on.

I thought my 2021 would start in Feb after the hand off of a big project in Jan. Take a breath. Recalibrate. Start again. Feb was a little chaotic. Then I thought March & now we are nearly April. Q2. And it still feels like it’s just a roll on of 2020 … except it’s harder to outsource, collaborate, commission, build cut through campaigns.  Why? Because people are not okay. The collective grief / exhaustion has run the adrenalin right out of them. And so these are the things I have let go of already this year:

  • A logo refresh: commissioned a designer in Jan – still waiting 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • A website – still waiting 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • A fully set up office – I may have it all in place April. I may not. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • A support team that I can outsource too 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • Crafted, creative, disruptive campaigns 🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s a weird place for me to not have big plans, big vision boards, big statements out there.

But it’s also all a bit unnecessary I realise.

Because the work keeps coming (I just turn down a lot more of it), the money keeps coming (I just won’t outsource so much of it) and so you learn to let it go, let it go ….

  • Can’t get a logo? Ag the old one is fine …
  • Can’t get a website? Ag LinkedIn is fine …
  • Office not perfect? Ag let’s go find another beautiful remote place to work from …
  • Support team not stepping up? Ag just do it yourself …
  • Disruptive campaigns too hard for exhausted heads …

And so we go back to my core of 2020: availability (yes I answer 6.30am calls, yes I will work through weekends if that’s what it takes), delivery (I do what needs to be done quickly & simply, clients have no time for excuses & delays), and yes, I get my hands dirty (the amount of excuses, delays, complications & miscommunication in teams is the reason clients are throwing up their hands in despair).

Let it go. Let it go.

It means that I re-prioritize my day frequently.

It means I answer only the things that need answering that day (the rest can wait for the morning batch when I have a clear head and fresh coffee).

It means that I carve out space for the thinking, creating, daydreaming, napping part that is essential to troubleshooting & imagining.

It means I don’t promise things I can’t deliver on.

It means that I say no to projects & clients that won’t fit with me.

Why am I telling you this?

Because 2021 doesn’t need a big plan.

It needs you to let go.

To simplify.

To just do the basics.

And do them well.

Sometimes good work is as simple as that: just deliver the results as painlessly as possible.

I am also realising that clients in 2021, generally speaking,  don’t want creative & clever. They want to know the possibilities of it yes. But then they want a simplified solution, quickly implemented, results delivered. The anomaly are the retail clients, who never lost their pace & energy during 2020 because, as they were essential workers, they  never got to lockdown on the lockdown.

Ok sermon over.  Stop pitching. Stop chasing.  Stop overloading. Let it go. Do 3 things well versus 30 things on a hamster wheel. That’s how you find your flow, nurture clients, do beautiful work. And create more.

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